Web Creation

Web creation

Simple & Customised Websites

There are many steps to take into account to have e-commerce websites.

Web Design

Web Design

Often Also Called Graphic Design

Web design comes from two words, meaning “web” and “to draw”. It is the graphic creation of the website.

Web Referencing

Web referencing

Optimising Web Referencing

Improve the ranking of the Monoxyde De Carbone website to increase the number of visitors.

Tailor-made websites

A preliminary reflection is necessary

In the creation of a website there are many steps that are important and require special skills. There are studies that will help to define the type of website adapted to the needs of the individual.

Tailor-Made Websites

Mobile Application Development

Native and cross-platform applications

Native applications are developed for a single operating system. It will therefore be necessary to develop the application for each of them. Cross-platform applications, on the other hand, are compatible with each operating system.

Mobile Application

Optimal SEO & Visibility

Be well referenced on search engines

A website is a global showcase. The aim is therefore to gain a good position on search engines as quickly as possible, through quality content, compliance with standards, banklinks, etc…

Optimal SEO

Quality Web Design & Graphic Design

Good design is not necessarily good design. Designs are created to communicate a message. The evaluation criteria vary depending on the design in question.

Responsive design

Responsive design

Responsive web design ensures that the display format of a page on a website automatically adapts to the screen that reads it.

Motion design

Motion design

Also called graphic animation, it is a visual art that consists of animating the graphic elements of a video.

UI Design

UX / UI Design

The UX takes into account the feelings of the users while browsing the website. And the UI aims to improve their interaction with a product.

Webmarketing: Developing Your Image

A graphic identity card

Webmarketing tends to convert prospects into customers, improving your company’s image and reputation. Traffic to your website will increase, so you will be well positioned on search engines.

Developing Your Image

Website Revamping

It is possible to change the appearance of a website in depth with a new webdesign. Mainly, to modify its visual appearance, add functionalities, etc…