Meet Senior Decision Makers From The Top Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies In Europe

With Job Titles Including:

VPs, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers, Chiefs of ...

  • Drug Discovery
  • Research and Early Development
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Biology
  • Cheminformatics
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Discovery Informatics
  • Research Informatics
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Systems Pharmacology
  • Data Science
  • Genomics and Proteomics
  • Lead Identification and Validation
  • Translational Medicine

Solution Providers At DIA2016 Are Selected Based On The Requirements Of Our Delegates, Specialising In The Following Areas:

  • Data Analytics
  • Bio/Chem Informatics
  • Next Generation Sequencing Technology   
  • Pharmaceutical Intelligence
  • Visual Computing
  • Simulation Software
  • Text Mining Platforms
  • Image Analytics
  • Life Sciences Consultancy
  • Enterprise Technologies

Sponsor or Exhibit

A tailored sponsorship package at the Discovery Informatics & Analytics 2016  conference provides a direct, cost-effective path to help you get your message out to existing or new target clients. Once we understand your specific business objectives, including marketing goals, we can leverage the power of our individual summit brands to work to your advantage.

To discuss the options in more detail, please contact:


+ 44 (0) 203 727 3100



Live Streaming


Learn How To:

  • Share insight on successful profiling techniques and how they can drive drug discovery
  • Harness predictive analytics and machine learning to drive accuracy into Target Identification and Validation
  • Consider the impact of predictive modeling and improved informatics on drug repurposing and combinations
  • Learn how to overcome data standardisation challenges to advance insight capability
  • Access real use case studies to understand how to apply predictive modelling effectively
  • Address critical data sharing issues as the industry adopts pre-competitive collaboration
What The Market Is Telling Us:

"I'm very happy this is for pre-clinical data because most of the time it's about precision medicine." (Merck)

"This is seen as being an important new area we should invest in" (Eli Lilly)

"If you really want to discover something new, this more data-driven approach is valuable." (Eli Lilly)

"We are investing quite heavily in clinical datasets and trying to develop standards for easier interpretation." (Janssen)

"People are convinced there is technology out there. They just want to really know more about how it's being applied and in what way." (Sanofi)


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