Bhushan Bonde

Associate Director, New Medicines IT Data Integration


Bhushan Bonde is an Associate Director of New Medicines Data Integration at UCB. He received a PhD in Systems Biology and Mathematical Modelling, with an interdisciplinary background of Computing, Biology and Mathematical Biology from Oxford (2006). He also holds an interdisciplinary M. Tech in Bioprocess technology/Chemical Eng. (2001) and Bachelors in Pharmacy (1998) and has been working across Industry, University and Government Research Institutes with 15 years of experience in Computational Biology.


In 2014 he joined UCB in the New Medicines IT team, currently leading the data integration, image and 'omics' based data management support projects. His research interest involves biological data capture and visualization, mathematical algorithm design, High Performance scientific computing and simulation modelling of biological systems. In addition, he is actively applying newer technologies such as next-generation sequencing and post-NGS target validation (e.g. ENCODE), NoSQL techniques for Data Integration (Neo4j, SAP-HANA, SciDB, MongoDB), Gene Signature-based mapping for drug repurposing and Causal Reasoning for target identification, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning for RWE and biological imaging.

Bhushan Bonde


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